Butterfly Dreams is a non-profit organization that provides events and pageants for individuals who are “Differently-abled” with significant I/DD to reach their goals and learn life skills like making friends, overcoming fear, embracing courage, and learning how to communicate their passions across to others.

Merriam-Webster defines a chrysalis as "a hard case that protects a moth or butterfly while it is turning in to an adult". We like to think of our organization as a type of chrysalis. We provide a safe loving atmosphere where individuals can grow, become more self-confident, develop self-esteem, and transform into beautiful butterflies.

Our children and adults participate in both an annual state pageant and numerous other yearly activities for residents in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Our goal is to give every everyone a safe encouraging environment, where they can make friends, volunteer in their communities, spread the message of inclusion, and help break down the barriers of people fearing what they do not understand.


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